My name is Tracy Weegmann and for over 25 years I have worked on healing  my own issues of addictions, ADHD, money management, self-esteem and  spirituality. I have had heavy involvement in 12 steps groups and other recovery movements, which adds a unique and powerful perspective to my coaching.
I grew up in the mid-west (Minnesota) and was introduced to the kind spirited and warm hearts of many people with strong family and community values. Minnesota was a groundbreaker in my recovery because it is where I was first introduced to 12 step groups at a young age of 13.  I moved to the Colorado in 1983 at age 21 for adventure and independence. Although I miss my family in Minnesota, Colorado has become my home and I enjoy the beautiful scenery and endless possibilities of activities. 
I have been blessed to be part of the Telecommunications industry for 25 years and have experienced the high paced and intense energy of change and innovative technology. My experience has been from a technical standpoint as a Business Analyst and Provisioner.  I decided in 2001 it was time to consider a  career change due to the industry crash and being laid off along with 80K  telecom workers. I decided to take the leap and start looking for other areas of employment, but I wasn’t sure what I was looking for. I researched Mediation because I loved and worked well with people, but realized the intensity was too much for me.  Then, I met a women who was a life coach and she made a comment that I would make a great coach. It stuck with me for several years and I finally realized that this was what I was looking for. 
As a result I am now in the process of getting certified for Life & Business coaching, specializing in ADHD. I am receiving my certification through ADDCA Coach Academy and ICF (International Coaching Federation). I am also a professional organizer affiliated with NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers). 
I also struggle with Attention Deficit Disorder which explains many years of struggling with memory, attention, organization and impulse control. I have gained self compassion and understanding through healing the frustration and shame associated with ADHD and I have learned new life skills that have made me successful. My intention is to help others to see that what is perceived as a negative trait is actually a strength. 
Fun stuff about Tracy
I am a very creative spirit and love to paint, sketch, decorate, re-finish furniture and find treasures at flea markets or garage sales and make them beautiful. Creativity is an important part of my spirituality which centers and grounds me. I make sure to give myself ample time to express my creativity. I am a avid Sci-Fi buff and enjoy reading and watching Sci-fi movies. I am a rock hounder and love to collect rocks. My favorite cable channels are the Home & Gardens, Sci-Fi and Discovery channels. Quantum physics and archeology fascinate me and I enjoy reading science magazines and books. I am also a recovering "drama queen" and love theater and am a "want-to-be" actress . 
I love animals and I have a 13 year old black cocker spaniel named Oreo. She really does look like a Oreo cookie with white under her neck and a black body and she is very furry.  I also have a new member of my family, a black cat named Camelle.
Who My Clients Are
Professional and Small Business Men and Women
Clients with illness and neurological struggles
Adults & Children with ADHD
Highly Creative people
College and high school students
People in transition and growth
Disorganized people (Hoarders)
People that need focus on health and self-care
Highly sensitive people
How I Coach
You set the pace while I keep your goals in front of you 
We focus on your strengths and successes
  • I provide safety, acceptance and a collaborative partnership
  • I provide suggestions that are customized to you
  • I encourage and support you to move forward and take risks at your pace
My Mission &Vision
My mission is to help others experience their full potential, turning what we thought were negative traits into gifts that can propel us forward. I help others to find balance, discover life passions and be introduced to the true essence of their spirit. 
My promise to you is that I will follow the code of ethics for coaches but also share from a place of honesty and from areas that I have experience in. Through my own recovery and self-discovery I believe that education holds the key to understanding and healing our misconceptions of our roadblocks within ourselves. By looking at our thinking, belief systems and values we can get a momentum going that will propel us forward to attain our dreams.
Experience Prior to Coaching
Telecommunications - 25 years
Regis University
University of Phoenix
Coaching Credentials
Certification of ADD Coach Academy
In process Traumatic Brain Injury Certification = Supervision Kristina Seville, Learning RX.
About Tracy
Balanced Focus Counseling
Formally ETA Coaching

Tracy Weegmann
Certified Attention Coach
(Mild/Moderate) Austism/Aspergers, ADHD, Traumatic Brain Injury, IAdults, Adolecents, Children 10+, Couples, Students, professionals

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