Most children I work with gain a tremendous amount of relief from a team approach of identifying the stresses in their lives and learning how to minimize or dissolve the pressure.  Stress is the number one factor that impacts Add’ers and by working with:
Work with Parents, teachers (IEP’s at school) to provide needed accommodations for child.

Strength based learning strategies
Strength based career development and planning, 
Establishing structure and routine
Simplifying learning (introduce new learning strategies that work well with ADD).
Inviting technology to assist with memory and organization.  
Working on the child’s self-talk and internal expectations 
Understanding the importance of self -care with sleep hygiene, exercise and diet.  

In many cases, I have seen a 180% turn around with children with behavioral issues when the stresses are addressed.  Many behavioral issues are matter of negotiating and introducing learning strategies that work well with Add’ers brains.  Children don’t understand why they are frustrated and how to communicate their needs.  I help to intervene, advocate and help the child to learn how to identify, understand and address issues from a place self-advocacy.  I empower the child with strength based strategies, goal setting and self-direction during coaching sessions.  Within a short period of time, I will see self-esteem bloom and the victimization of common neurological struggles disappear.   Children gain the self-knowledge of how to bring these strategies in their careers and adult lives to ensure future success.


ADHD Coaching with Children, Adolescences and teenagers
Balanced Focus Counseling
Formally ETA Coaching

Tracy Weegmann
Certified Attention Coach
(Mild/Moderate) Austism/Aspergers, ADHD, Traumatic Brain Injury, IAdults, Adolecents, Children 10+, Couples, Students, professionals